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All our mackerel products are certified MSC from the Marine Stewardship council:

“The MSC’s fishery certification program and seafood ecolabel recognise and reward sustainable fishing. We are a global organisation working with fisheries, seafood companies, scientists, conservation groups and the public to promote the best environmental choice in seafood. “

 Approved by Bio Suisse

“The requirements for organic fish breeding in accordance with the Bio Suisse standards have been developed in a two-year long cooperation with practising fish. Bio Suisse, organic standards agency in Switzerland.breeders, fish food producers, animal welfare organizations and fish experts from Switzerland and abroad, and adopted by Bio Suisse in July, 2000. Organic Salmon  

European Regulation

(EC) No 834/2007 (EC) No 889/2008 certified by IMO. This European certification also gives our producers permission of usage of the French AB

Certified Organic by IE ORG 02 –Organic salmon         S.F.P.A Approved

The SFPA’s role in seafood safety is the protection of consumers’ health and consumers’ interests by ensuring that seafood consumed, distributed, marketed or produced in the State meets the highest standards of food safety and hygiene and enjoys an unequalled reputation in the market place. The SFPA employs Sea-Fisheries Protection Officers of various nationalities including Irish, French, English, Scottish and Spanish, with broad experience and knowledge in maritime areas which we wish to share with the Industry.

  H.A.C.C.P Compliant

Hazard Analysis & Critical Control Point (HACCP) is a system that allows you to identify and control any hazards that could pose a danger to the preparation of safe food. It involves identifying what can go wrong, planning to prevent it and making sure you are doing it.